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Beattitude provides women with an inspiring community of like minded, encouraged members, who strive to achieve personal goals, results and increase self confidence.

Founded over four years ago, Beattitude remains true to its values; standing for balance over beast mode and knowledge over opinion.

Based in South West London, this inspiring environment and community has successfully provided women the opportunity to regain control of learnt behaviours and habits over their food and fitness.

Due to popular demand, from clients further a field, we are launching an online version of our very popular BeBreakthrough30 Day Nutritional Plan to women all over the world.





For 30 days you will be guided by daily educational articles and advice from our dietician, personal trainers and life coaches. 

You get the results you desire, but also complete the plan with a higher understanding of food and fitness, and more importantly, how it relates to you.

By the end of week 1 you will have a deep understanding of topics such as food groups, gut health and weight management. By day 30 you will have a complete understanding of working out, energy, hormones, food groups, socialising and alcohol.

Our easy drag and drop food planner makes planning simple and our recipes are quick to make, tasty and more importantly; transportable, making it one of the most flexible plans.

The set up takes 13 minutes and you get a free 30 minute workout with your plan.

Educate. Motivate. Reinvent Your Shape.

BeBreakthrough 30 Day Plan...


This plan is not just weight loss*, but about increasing energy, fitness levels, body confidence and positivity. Women also experience a decrease in monthly menstrual pain and peri-menopausal symptoms.

*If you’re looking for weight loss then the average results our girls see 4cm from the tummy | 8-12lbs loss | 10-15mm body fat loss.


Purchase your plan and get all your content and set up details on 29th May. have 4 days to get ready, join the group online, and then we officially begin Monday 3rd June.

You will be joining all the girls who have signed up in the club as well as those who have signed up online around the world. 

For 30 days we will cut through the cr&p of “dieting” and what we think we “should” do. Every day you will receive bite sized, relatable and usable emails, tips and tasks.


It is not essential to workout, but it is beneficial. Exercise and movement have not just weight management benefits but overall health. It also helps to decrease weight plateau.

On this plan you have several options; workout at home, follow a workout plan that suits you or add on our 30 day PAYG workout pack.

On demand access for 30 days of access to our workouts including 4 HIIT sessions, 2 flow workouts, 1 long stretch session, 2 core workouts and 2, fifteen minute mobilising flow workouts. You will be training with our club members and founder Siobhan.


For the launch of our plan online on June 3rd we are offering 50% OFF for the FIRST 50 women who sign up for the program or 30 day workouts.

  • BeBreakthrough30 Day Plan – £18 (normal price £36)
  • PAYG 30 day workouts – £6 (normal price £12)

A full 30 day nutrition and fitness plan for just £24!!

If you are still unsure, then sign up for a free account, or our 7 day free plan and see how we roll. Get this here. 


  • During the programme I not only lost weight due to the workouts and nutrition plan, but I got my first full nights sleep in 15 years! The workouts are brilliant. I feel stronger, fitter and generally a lot more confident and happy in my own skin.

    KarenI am still amazed…
  • I was amazed at the results I achieved in 30 days after having tried all the nutritional programmes out there. It was easy to incorporate into my lifestyle as it wasn’t a set recipe list but more a tool to help you put your meals together.

    NicoleHaving tried everything...
  • This plan has re-educated me on nutrition and taught me about when to eat certain foods, why and how it all relates to me.  It has also changed my attitude towards the occasional indulgence, and most definitely made me have less worry around food. 

    Boy did I see resultsROWENA

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