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No need for equipment, or much space! You get:

4 x Blitz Workouts with high and medium levels – 30 minute HIIT workouts
2 x Core workouts – low and medium/high
2 x 10 minute flow workouts
1 x Long stretch workout


Transform Your Body, Transform Your Mind



Knowing the reasons behind each step of a nutrition or weight loss plan helps you to stick to it longer term and long term is the key to success. We give you the understandings so you can learn how to make small changes to your current diet to fit your needs even when they change. Learn about how different foods affect you, physically and mentally. Attain a new level of understanding about the right way to eat for you and your goals and overcome those learnt beliefs so you can really achieve results.

The Workouts

Each workout is designed to target specific areas of a female’s body. Stretches that contour and sculpt, exercises that strengthen and tone, warm ups that get your blood pumping and high intensity (HIIT) sessions that really get you sweating. You can tailor your regime to your needs by choosing what workouts to do weekly and how many so that you can achieve specific goals and at the same time knowing that our workouts are designed to be safe and specific for women.


BeBreakthrough30 Launching Soon!!

This 30 day plan is your breakthrough moment. Move past that barrier, where you normally get stuck and stop seeing changes. Gain energy, keep on improving and getting results and really feel the difference. You’ll get access to specific online workouts designed to sculpt and transform the female body, foods focus’ with trackers, 30 days of daily emails around health and nutrition and more…


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  • During the programme I not only lost weight due to the workouts and nutrition plan, but I got my first full nights sleep in 15 years! The workouts are brilliant. I feel stronger, fitter and generally a lot more confident and happy in my own skin.

    KarenI am still amazed…
  • I was amazed at the results I achieved in 30 days after having tried all the nutritional programmes out there. It was easy to incorporate into my lifestyle as it wasn’t a set recipe list but more a tool to help you put your meals together.

    NicoleHaving tried everything...
  • It has transformed the way I think about nutrition and exercise. I have found it so inspiring and have seen huge changes in my body. The workouts are exciting and challenging, I could not recommend it more!

    LucieIt has transformed...

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