Our Bingo Bootcamp Challenge is here!

Designed to ‘refuel’ your motivation and leave you feeling fitter, healthier and stronger in just 30 days. 

Let’s face it, 20 classes in 30 days is, well… challenging (we couldn’t make it too easy after all!) Frequency of attendance to class plays a big part in how quickly you will see results, which is why we love to run challenges as a fun way to help you feel inspired and motivated to commit to your fitness routine. There is no doubt that hard work and determination is going to be required to see it through to the end but we are here to support along the way!

Our workouts offer progressive and flexible options rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, so this challenge is also about finding out what works for your body. Our 3 workout options and varied timetable, means that you can easily work out in a way that suits your lifestyle. 

We spoke to Beattitude Founder, Siobhan and Club Manager Sam to hear their thoughts on how to get the most out of the 30 days and hear their top tips for staying on track…

Why is this challenge focused around completing 20 classes in 30 days?

Siobhan: We can guarantee that after 20 workouts, you will notice a positive change to your body and mind. It requires a lot of hard work but the pay off is worth it to feel fitter, healthier and stronger! 

Sam: It’s a manageable number to complete and encourages everyone to try different classes on the timetable!

Is it important to mix up your workouts and attend different classes?

Siobhan: I see the challenge as a great opportunity to try classes that perhaps you haven’t before. From HIIT and Strength to Core and Mobility classes and even Yoga and Meditation, we believe is in mixing up your workouts and finding what works for your body!

Sam: Yes, variety is pivotal to your training! You will move your body in new ways, experience  different styles of working your body and also learn how to use different equipment depending on the class. 

Do you recommend scheduling in your classes each week or booking is as you go along?

Siobhan: Yes, I’m a firm believer that scheduling in your classes on a Sunday for the week ahead is a  great way to make sure you actually stick to your fitness routine. It also means you can guarantee your space in our most popular classes and booking via the Mind Body app is so quick and easy it takes no time at all!

Sam: If you are craving routine/consistency then yes, book in advance. It holds you accountable, which is so important. I do however, sometimes like to wait and see how I feel and what my body needs on the day – but it can be a gamble to get a spot in class as they book up fast! 

Can you attend classes on consecutive days or should you leave rest days in between?

Siobhan: It’s important to always listen to your body and take rest when necessary. The great thing about our varied timetable is that we have so many different workouts on offer. One day you might feel some serious DOMS after an intense HIIT session, but then you can sign up for our mobilising B’BodyW8 flow class the next day or some calming Yoga. We want you to work out in a way that feels right for you!

Sam: This is totally dependent on your body and how you feel. If you mix up the style of training i.e a strength workout followed by a HIIT session, then that’s manageable as the two workouts will challenge your body in different ways. I wouldn’t recommend 4 x HIIT sessions a week for example, but for most clients I would suggest working off the ratio of; 2 Strength, 2 HIIT and a Mobility/Yoga session.  

If you are brand new to Beattitude or feeling out of shape at the moment, is the challenge suitable? 

Siobhan: Absolutely! We use progressive and flexible options in each class rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach so each class can be easily adapted for every stage of your fitness journey, even if you are just starting out. 

Sam: If you are keen to get into exercise, then of course! All classes can be scaled back and adapted to work for your body. 

How can you expect to feel at the end of the Challenge?

Siobhan: Impressed with what you can achieve when you set your mind to it and grateful for what your body is capable of!

Sam: Pretty darn proud of yourself! 

What is your favourite class at Beattitude and why would you recommend it? 

Siobhan: I love our B’Strength class as it makes me feel powerful and with the addition of new barbells in the club, you can progress to lifting heavier weights in no time! 

Sam: B’BodyW8 Cardio – The fastest 30 mins of your life and such an efficient and effective workout! 

And finally, what is your top tip for staying motivated and not dropping off throughout the 30 day period? 

Siobhan: I would really recommend taking our fun fitness test before you start the challenge and again at the end to see how much you can improve your results (we will send it to you when you register). There is nothing more satisfying than tracking your progression and seeing how much your hard work has paid off! 

Sam: Map out your sessions and tell people what you are signing up to so they can get involved and track you to help hold you accountable. Our challenge kicks off on Monday, so it’s not too late to register! 

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