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Weight Loss

What is Metabolic Training?

We label a few of our classes at Beattitude as ‘Metabolic Training’ and we’re aware, this might not mean anything to you – but we


Are you drinking enough water?

You are roughly 60% water. Your brain and heart is 73%, and your lungs 83%.  Looking at these figures, it’s clear how important it is

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The Importance of a Cool-down

It might be heating up outside but it’s important to take time to cool-down after a workout! Have you ever done a class and then


Boost Your Breakfast

A well balanced, nutritious breakfast is key to help fuel you for whatever your day brings. Whether you break your overnight fast first thing, or

Muscular woman running in exercise room
Gut Functioning

Run into an injury?

Three quarters of Brits have taken up at least one new form of exercise since lockdown began, and for many people running has been a