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What is fascia?

Have you ever wondered why you can’t reach your toes? Why you’re experiencing pain in your shoulders? Or why you feel restricted in certain movements?


Are you drinking enough water?

You are roughly 60% water. Your brain and heart is 73%, and your lungs 83%.  Looking at these figures, it’s clear how important it is

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The Importance of a Cool-down

It might be heating up outside but it’s important to take time to cool-down after a workout! Have you ever done a class and then



For something that comes so naturally, we don’t utilise this tool enough! Whether you’re running, swimming, weight training or doing core work it’s important to

Keep positive keep moving

Keep positive, keep moving…

As we go in to our third week of lockdown, we’re all adjusting to the new ‘norm’ and not knowing when it’s all going to

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The plan B

When it comes to working out, many of us can let our environment decide whether we complete that workout or not. Being tired, the kids