Member spotlight: Challenge winner, Victoria Wilson

Victoria was the lucky winner of our Beattitude Bingo Challenge, which means she successfully completed 20 classes in 30 days! She has been a member of Beattitude for almost 4 years and her hard work and dedication has always been so impressive (she regularly attends 5 classes a week!) Our community of members is what makes the Beattitude club such a special place, where women feel supported and inspired by one another. That’s why we’ve decided to shine the spotlight on Victoria and ask her 10 questions to get to know more about her fitness journey so far…
  • Q: Congratulations on winning our Bingo Bootcamp fitness challenge! How do you feel at the end of the 30 days?

This challenge has made me feel stronger, mentally and physically…  it has really helped re-establish my fitness routine after such a weird few months for everyone!


  • Q: How long have you been coming to classes at Beattitude and what motivated you to come to your first class?  

I’ve been a member at Beattitude for about 3 1/2 years now. Funnily enough, I joined after winning a month’s membership in a raffle. I had been a member at a national gym chain for nearly 20 years and had grown increasingly dissatisfied with it, wanting to leave but had never really looked into alternatives properly. Within a matter of days I knew I would be much happier at Beattitude and gave notice at the other gym. I started off attending just one class a week, but now, I go to classes 5 days a week!


  • Q: What is your favourite class at Beattitude and why? 

Ooh, tricky one! Really hard to narrow it down but I think possibly Endurance at the moment as I really feel this is the one class making a tangible difference to my fitness levels.


  • Q: What would you say is your fitness nemesis? 

Hmmm… it’s hard to say,  but there are some exercises I struggle with due to various issues I won’t bore anyone with here, but the trainers are always on hand to encourage me through or helpfully suggest an equally taxing alternative.  If I’m being honest, BodyW8 Cardio is a class I go out of my way to avoid… but again, I think that’s mainly because my hips are too old and knackered to keep up with it!  But I will usually give most things a go, I’ve learned that the sense of achievement is always so good once you’ve accomplished something you’re dreading


  • Q: You took part in our pre and post-challenge AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) fitness test and you improved by half of a round, which is very impressive! Did your fitness feel noticeably different at the end of the challenge?
Yes, I definitely feel my cardio is improving.  This was the one area that I’ve really struggled to maintain since March (thanks to a certain virus) and losing my weekly netball games, but it’s slowly coming back.
  • Q: The Beattitude club is a place where all women can feel confident and supported to work towards their personal goals. What do you love most about the Beattitude tribe and has this sense of community helped you on your own fitness journey?

I felt so welcome from the first time I stepped through the door at Beattitude, unlike my previous gym. I remember thinking that the classes were so small that everyone would notice if I did an exercise wrong, or didn’t work as hard as them… but no-one did!  The classes are so well designed that you only focus on yourself during the exercises. It doesn’t take long to make friends with the rest of the tribe. I think most of us have been in a class where we’ve been told ‘less chat, more action’! But then knowing I’ll see certain people in certain classes really makes sure I keep coming.  Everyone is so encouraging, I definitely credit the tribe with pushing me as far as I have come in the last 3 1/2 years.


  • Q: This has been a challenging year in many ways and it hasn’t always been easy to maintain a fitness routine but, what have you found helpful to stay motivated? 

I tend to book into classes in advance and write them on the physical calendar, seeing your week’s classes written down helps you to plan everything else around them.


  • Q: Now that the challenge is over, have you got any new fitness goals in your sights? 
I’ve even been inspired to pick up the Couch to 5K again where I left off in… errr… early July. Now if only there was a bingo card for that! I’m determined to finish it this time…  Oh and to get through a BodyW8 Cardio class (not just survive it!)
  • Q: We know that fitness can be a great way to improve our mental wellbeing, as well as our physical but, do you have any other tips that you use to help maintain a healthy lifestyle?

I have a dog, so I walk outside pretty much every day whatever the weather.  Even 20 minutes walking in fresh air really helps, and I don’t stick headphones in, I look around me, engaging with my surroundings – I guess it’s my version of meditation.


  • Q: And finally, if you were a HIIT move, what would you be and why? 

Hmmm… as much as I don’t like them, probably a burpee – not always elegant, a moment of collapse on the floor, but will always come bouncing back up again, however painful it might be!

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