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We all know that as well as the huge benefits to our physical health, regular exercise boots our mood, reduces stress and increases our energy levels! Of course, finding a form of exercise that you actually enjoy is going to make it much easier to maintain your healthy habits, which is why all of our classes at Beattitude are designed to make you smile as well as sweat. To help get you into the festive spirit, we’ve lined up some MERRY HIIT-MAS Zoom workouts for you to all enjoy. You can expect some uplighting Christmas tunes and Christmas jumpers and festive headgear is VERY much encouraged! Your family is very welcome to join in too, so get the whole household involved on CHRISTMAS EVE @ 12:30pm⁠ and DAY AFTER BOXING DAY @ 9:00am⁠.


Reading or listening to a book instead of watching a highly dramatic or emotive TV series can allow your mind to ‘switch-off’, which can increase our creativity and imagination and offer a moment of calm. Reading can often slip down our priority list and we feel like their are more important jobs we’ve got to complete first. However, when you feel unable to focus or overwhelmed by a mind full of thoughts, reading can be such a fantastic way to reduce stress and anxiety. If you are really out of practice, try just 10 minutes a day as even short spells of reading have been shown to have a positive impact when it comes to helping us feel more calm and content. 


Indoor house plants have many associated health benefits such as boosting mood, enhancing productivity and encouraging calm. They can, of course, also help improve the air quality of our surroundings and can bring to life an otherwise minimal space. In particular, if you live somewhere with limited or no outdoor space, house plants can help us to ‘bring the outdoors in’ and feel more connected with nature, when we are still spending much more time indoors. 


This is usually the season to get out our favourite party dress, maybe treat ourselves to a new outfit and generally just make an effort with our appearance as we head out to various Christmas social events. We all know that things are different right now and our diary might be looking a little sparse for this time of year. However, wearing bright, colourful clothes that make us look good and feel good, undoubtably boosts our mood and leaves us feeling more positive and confident. So, even if it’s just for a small gathering with friends or family, or even just a virtual catch up (not another dreaded Zoom quiz!), treat yourself and commit to fully dressing up and making an effort… the brighter the better!


If you’ve got a favourite mug that you reach for every morning and feel a pang of sadness if you find it’s in the dishwasher, or god forbid it’s been used by someone else… then you’re not alone! Apparently, over 60% of people in the UK admit to having an emotional attachment to a favourite mug. So, it’s time to fully embrace this and whether it’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate or maybe even mulled wine, grab your best mug, sit down with your feet up and fully indulge in this satisfying simple pleasure!


We’re sure you’ve come across the Marie Kondo school of thought, to only keep things in your life that ‘spark joy’. So, why not create a designated area in your house for all of your favourite decorative and ornamental possessions. Display them somewhere that you will see them regularly so that you get a little boost of happiness every time you look at them. Another place to do this is at your desk to bring some good vibes to your WFH set up. 


Getting stuck into a crafty activity, which requires your focus and concentration, can actually be a great way to find calm and allow your mind can switch off from other stresses you may be facing. Completing a project will leave you feeling content and proud of what you’ve accomplished and can help to boost your general ‘can-do’ attitude… and we know that attitude is everything! Christmas is the perfect time fuel your creativity from cards to wreaths to table settings and you don’t need to be a seasoned artist to feel the freeing effects of letting your imagination flow and just have fun!


If you struggle with a stationary meditation practice (we know it can be hard to find a moment of calm to yourself in a busy household), then why not try walking meditation? There are some great apps such as Headspace and Calm, which have some walking meditation practices you can follow. They encourage you to really connect to your body, noticing your breath, your posture and the way you move. Meditating outside also brings with it the benefits of getting your daily dose of fresh air and can also allow you to really notice and appreciate your surroundings. 


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