Gratitude is the best attitude!

Practicing daily gratitude doesn’t need to be a long or complicated process. Here are some simple ideas to help you easily integrate small gratitude practices into your life…


A gratitude jar can be a great way to appreciate the little moments that crop up throughout our day that we are thankful for. Especially as we are spending so much time at home at the moment, meaning that the act of having a physical jar somewhere in the house is more practical than ever! Whenever you feel grateful for something, write it down on a scrap piece of paper and pop in into your jar. This can be a great thing to do with your family or housemates and you can then decide on a date to open the jar together and read all of the wonderful things that you are collectively most grateful for! 


We might be in the habit of sending thank you cards after receiving Birthday or Christmas gifts or when a friend or family member does something special for us. How about the act of writing a thank you letter to yourself? Studies have show that putting pen to paper and expressing our gratitude to ourselves in a letter can increase happiness levels far more significantly that simply feeling thankful but not expressing it in any physical way. You might just find that it leaves you with more of an appreciation for the act of self-care and the importance of taking time to do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled. 


Gratitude meditation practices can allow us to cultivate attention, awareness and a broader sense of perspective. From focusing on how we eat and drink to how we communicate with people. How we sit and stand and how we breathe. How we move and how we exercise. How we shop, how we travel and how we use technology. We can start to integrate mindfulness into our day to day lives and over time we can start to feel more connected to each experience along the way. You can find lots of wonderful guided meditation practices via our on-demand video platform


Have you ever snacked on something whilst doing something else and not really appreciated the taste or rushed through a quick lunch at your desk and not really taken notice of what you have just eaten? Gratitude can help us in so many ways to feel connected to the hear and now and taking a moment to appreciate the food in front of us before we eat can make us far more likely to make healthy and considered choices and also allow us to really enjoy the act of eating!  


Try making it your night time ritual to ask yourself these three questions. It can be handy to write them down in a journal or maybe type them out as a note on your phone. We are all in the habit of brushing our teeth before we go to bed, so why not think of your answers during those 2 minutes. You don’t have to have big answers every day as sometimes it’s the smallest and simplest of things that are the most important . Try to really focus in on just the one specific day and rather than thinking of the ‘bigger picture’ such as being grateful for the health of your friends and family, try and think of the smaller things in your life you are truly most thankful for. 

  1. What is the most positive thing that’s happened to me today?
  2. Which person am I most grateful for today?
  3. What achievement am I most proud of today?


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Gratitude is the best attitude!

Practicing daily gratitude doesn’t need to be a long or complicated process. Here are some simple ideas to help you easily integrate small gratitude practices

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