Juicing and getting more vegetables

Your gut is the gateway to better health, better energy, mood and more balanced weight management. Its primary role is to break down and absorb your food, providing your body with the nutrients and fuel to function at its best; so, if our gut isn’t working optimally, we will feel the effects of this in many ways.

In this week’s focus you are going to be working on supporting your digestive system and helping it to become more efficient. There are lots of ways to juice, many ingredients that you can include, and there are many juices that are high in sugar. So, how do you know what to do, which to choose and also why is it that we have included juicing (to a certain extent) into this program?

Why juice?

  1. It will give your body a boost of nutrients in numbers that you would not normally ingest them in.
  2. Juicing will give your body a boost of alkaline foods helping muscle, bone and hormone health.
  3. And, it also will help by decreasing the energy required to digest and absorb these nutrients.

Supporting your body by increasing the number of nutrient dense foods, in a form that requires minimal energy to digest and absorb, simply supports your gut. It’s a bit like having a cut, and having the option of either adding savlon straight to the wound to ease and release pain, or take a painkiller. The body has to work harder to digest the painkiller and it takes a little longer to reach the wound. Whereas the savlon will be relatively instant and require less energy from the body. A weird example but it helps in the understating of what I mean by the energy it takes your body to digest a food, and the time it takes.

This doesn’t mean that we want to always include juicing. The act of chewing is an incredibly important one for body fat levels, balanced hormones and energy management. We are simply using juicing as a tool.

Often juices are low in protein, so having them as a meal replacement can often cause hunger. Think of juicing as your tool not as your main focus. Many things in nutrition, fitness and mindset are simply tools, and we need many tools in our toolkit in order to build or fix something.

You may have been working on this challenge for a while and, for many people, we do get a little low on our vegetable intake as it can be difficult to get it in during the day, especially for breakfast or snack. Juicing is a great way to get your daily intake in without having to chomp threw boxes of carrots and broccoli.

Many of us following a “healthy” diet per say, do tend to eat a higher protein and fat diet. It’s because it is easier to reach for the protein over a vegetable, and we often think of meals being a protein followed by a vegetable e.g. I am having chicken and spinach rather than I am going to have a spinach and kale superfood salad with some chicken. We want you to be aware of balancing and getting enough alkaline foods and not going too protein heavy which is how many “healthy” programs go. We want your body to work as optimally as possible!

So, incorporating juices into your diet is a great way to make it easier to get your vegetable intake in, as well as a real solid boost of vitamins and minerals.

So, let’s make it work for you – your food focus. 

  1. Have a juice a day. If possible, make it a vegetable juice. These have nearly 5 times the amount of vegetables you can eat in one sitting and are packed with alkaline foods. Have one as part of your snack mid-morning and afternoon. They are also such an easy carry around food!
  2. Eat vegetables and/or fruits with each meal or snack! Everyone can always benefit from more vegetables in their diet. Many bone specialists are now recognising that the most effective way to improve bone health is to eat lots of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Avoid adding salt to foods that you are making if you KNOW your diet has been high acid.
  4. 5. Avoid foods that already have a lot of added salt.


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