Making your workout times work for you

So, how can you keep your workouts consistent without needing to have too much willpower. Getting to your workouts or doing them, is and can be almost harder than actually doing the workout itself. The reason for this is because perhaps we haven’t thought about timing our workouts around our own individual tendencies. There is a lark – someone who loves to be up early and bed early, and then there are owls, those who love to get up late and stay up late!

A really effective way of limiting the willpower required for you to get your workouts done it to think about timing your workouts around your tendency as well. If you are a lark, scheduling your workout later on in the day can lead to a lot of mental energy on your part, almost reminding and motivating yourself to go to the workout. Often thinking about it most of the day. The same for owls, those who love evenings and time their workouts in the mornings.

The reason you might want to consider this for at least 75% of your workouts, because realistically with children or work, you might not be able to achieve timing your workouts every time that suits you, is purely so that it takes you a lot less willpower required to actually get there. You know that feeling when you are either thinking about it all day, perhaps also making up excuses that are valid NOT to go, or trying desperately to remind yourself why you must get up at 5:45am to workout, desperately trying to resist the urge to just turn over and go back to sleep.

Creating habits with your fitness is not just about working out a specific number of times a week, it’s about creating a schedule that you will need to think about less, and motivate yourself less with to actually get to your workouts. Energy is best spent working out and pushing yourself in the session, and on other life issues, rather than having to motivate yourself to get to the workout.

The other reason you might want to think about this and trying to think about scheduling them at times that suit your tendency is to do with the effectiveness of the workout and enjoyability of it too. Pain and pleasure always governs what we move towards or away from. If you train at a time that is more relevant for your tendency, the overall experience will be more pleasurable. Your body will be awake, so will your mind, you will workout more effectively, meaning you will see and get more return on investment of your workout.

A lot of you may have heard the saying workout in the morning for better fat loss results. This comes down to your metabolic rate. When you workout, you elevate your metabolic rate, which is the rate that your body burns calories. If you workout in the morning, if you have done a HIIT training session you metabolic rate will be elevated for a while post workout. Hence – better fat loss over the course of the day. HOWEVER, there is absolutely no point in scheduling your workouts in the morning if you are not a morning person. The more consistent you can be the better. Timing workouts around this ‘fat loss’ factor is not going to push your ability to stick to them, you will often miss workouts, and how effective do you think it will be for fat burning if you don’t even attend the workout. Plus, if you’re going to these early morning  workouts for this reason alone, remember your body will more than likely not be as effective, or as ready to do the exercise. It is better to workout and workout well, at a time that suits you, not merely because of the statement that early morning workouts burn more fat.


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