Optimise your glute workouts!

We often hear people refer to ‘lazy glutes’, but in reality there is no such thing as a ‘lazy muscle’ and it actually comes down to your glutes simply not working effectively or engaging properly.

We want our glutes to work as efficiently as possible alongside the surrounding joints and other supporting muscles without the need to consciously engage them. It’s important to work the body in a way that causes your glutes to instinctively switch on and act ‘in sync’ with the rest of your body.

Your glutes are an extremely powerful muscle and we commonly build strength during class with acceleration movements such as lunging, squatting, reaching, twisting, lifting and running. However, the glutes also function to decelerate movement, i.e. they act as a break to stop you collapsing to the floor when you lunge, squat and jump. So, using exercises that cause your glutes to maximise both these functions will automatically make them work harder!

The exercises in this workout video will enable you to ‘fire up’ your glutes without you having to consciously think about it so you can optimise your glute workout. These three exercises are great not just for switching on your glutes, but also will give your legs, core and back a great workout!

Here are a few other top tips on how to get your glutes to switch on instinctively:


Stop working with your feet turned out all the time. Doing a side lunge while keeping your foot facing forwards requires much more work from your glutes than if you turned your foot out.


Focus on pressure from the inside of the foot and big toe when pressing through your feet. The reason this makes a significant difference is that your foot needs to pronate slightly (roll in) for the subsequent joint movement up the leg to work efficiently which then correctly engages the muscle.


Use different angles and different directions; forwards, backwards, diagonally, and sideways. This makes your glutes work naturally without having to think about getting them to work by ‘squeezing’ them.


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