BeBreakthrough 30Day Plan

BeBreakthrough 30Day Plan
18th March 2019 Cody Harrington


For 30 days you will be guided by educational articles and advice from our dietician.

By the end of week 1 you will have  a deep understanding of topics such as food groups, gut health and weight management.

By day 30 you will have a complete understanding about training, energy, hormones, food groups, socialising and alcohol, and the most important element; you will know how it relates to you.

If you have ever wanted the opportunity to achieve freedom with your fitness and nutrition this is it.

The set up takes 13 minutes, the workouts are 30 minutes long.

Easy drag and drop food planner and recipes that are quick to make, tasty and more importantly; transportable, make it one of the most flexible plans.


Not just weight loss*, but an increase in energy, fitness, body confidence and positivity. You will also decrease menstrual and peri-menopausal symptoms. *If you’re looking for weight loss then the average results our girls see 4cm from the tummy | 8-12lbs loss | 10-15mm body fat loss.  


Cutting through the cr&p of “dieting” and what we think we “should” do. We have collated years of industry experience from our dieticians and movement specialists in 30 bite sized, relatable and usable daily emails, tips and tasks. It’s not just food and fitness, we’re also crushing myths such as, is it better to eat egg whites or whole eggs? Which one, and why would you pick one over the other? Is it better to have honey, sugar or sweetener? As well as the Alcohol and fruit myth. We’re also differentiating the difference between myths and reality of gut health, food groups, fitness training and hormones, whilst relating everything to the female mindset, learnt behaviours and habits. We all have our hang ups, so it’s time to change these so we can achieve what we want, easier, quicker and be happier in the process.  


  • 50% off the plan - £36 Now £18


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