A challenge to reset your physical form, gut health, body fat levels and elevate your self-confidence. This is a 6 week focussed exercise and nutritional challenge.

All of our on-demand workouts offer progressive levels are designed for women of all ages, fitness abilities and stages of life to enjoy!

We offer workout for all fitness levels with low, medium and high options given. No equipment is required needed, just yourself and a mat! Workout with our Beattitude trainers who offer technical support and guidance throughout as well as lots of encouragement and motivation!


64% of the women we asked said they don’t trust the process to give me the long term results they are a

45% of the women we asked said feel like I am missing out by not drinking or having sweet foods

55% of the women we asked said they crave everything I “shouldn’t eat”


This challenge is very different to any “diet” plan. 

It’s about educating you and then teaching you how to apply these changes so that all the above worries and struggles dissipate.

Unlimited on demand workouts

(HIIT, Strength, Yoga, Core, Flow) for 6 weeks; enabling you to get a complete workout program that is fun and challenging on all levels. No equipment needed; just yourself, a mat and a bit of space around you.

6 week nutritional drip fed content

Progressive, educational nutritional knowledge hosted on your own online platform, that will help you continue long after the 6 weeks is done. You have lifetime access to this content, which includes 6 weeks of nutritional blogs and educational videos, recipes, home workouts - incase you cannot get to the club, food logging sheet and meditation sessions.

Webinars with Female Health & Wellbeing Exerts:

Menstrual cycle and nutrition, Breathwork practise for digestion and immune health, EFT tapping therapy and positive affirmation.

Support group

You will be added into a whatsapp group for full 24/7 support from the other members and your elected trainer

Start and end body fat measurements

Body fat measurements, weight and pictures


A small snippet of some of the learning throughout the 6 weeks

Diet Mindset
reshape blog


When you embark on a new plan, such as this one, what you have essentially done is set yourself new habits to stick to. These

Nutrition Explained
reshape blog

Macros And Food Groups

For some people this may sound a little basic, but, to begin with we want to take some time to outline the difference between macronutrients


  • A more indepth understand of your digestive system and why gut health is important
  • How you can use your menstrual cycle to get the best from your body
  • The power of daily (small) habits
  • Movement principles – learning about how to move better in your workout with small alterations to the way you think, and where you place your weight.


  • Everything you need to learn is on your own online platform, however you will get emails directly from this platform daily (or every other day) to make sure you stay on top of things and keep motivated and focussed.
  • Your classes are on our timetable, you can choose from club, park and livestream. On your nutritional platform you also have on demand workouts, which you can do anytime.
  • You will be assigned to a trainer at the club, in order to keep you on track with your training and energy


The first 2 weeks are the most important, and the most challenging. As we will be focussed on taking inflammatory foods from our diet, as well as restricting alcohol (just for the first 2 weeks). The first 2 weeks are much more restrictive than the following 4 weeks. In the first 2 weeks, we will be taking away sugar, starchy carbs such as rice, break and pasta, as well as dairy and alcohol. The following 4 weeks are more pleasant! We will be focussed on integrating alcohol (in moderation) as well as other carbohydrates back into your diet – because lets face it we need to achieve results AND have a life. The first 2 weeks are there to really kick start your body’s natural ability to burn food and fat as fuel and give your gut some time to regain its strength. 

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