The plan B

When it comes to working out, many of us can let our environment decide whether we complete that workout or not. Being tired, the kids are ill, working super late, feeling unwell…lots of these crop up because that’s just life isn’t it. What we need to consider is what are we going to do when these things happen? What is our Plan B?

We need to know that, yes although we have set out a plan for our fitness and for our food, but we also need to know and be Ok with having to be flexible. Flexible doesn’t mean just going with the flow, it means having a Plan B. Going with the flow would mean, again allowing our environment to decide our actions for us. But having plan B’s allow us to decide what we want to do that will get us where we want to be.

Let me show you the difference.

So, you forget your lunch. A Plan B would be knowing where and what you would get for lunch. Going with the flow would be deciding at lunch what you fancied. Another example; you miss your workout because you have to work late. A Plan B would be to move your week around to fit it in, going with the flow would be seeing if you had time to fit it in.

There are quite consistent behaviours and actions that happen when we have to pull out our Plan B’s. Mindset’s such as I have missed a workout, I have failed, or even, I forgot my lunch I have no idea what I should do now are unhelp. These more often than not cannot be helped, but what can be changed is either the question you then ask, or, the reaction you have. You miss a workout, the better question would be ok, so how will I fit it in? You forget your lunch, the better question would be, what do I need to eat for lunch and where can I get this from?

So, be mindful to have a Plan B in place, whether it is written down or whether you simply know in your mind what it will be.

Lastly, and a really quick one…

There are going to be times when you are like, oh god I don’t want to workout, I really don’t feel like it. These times WILL happen, and it’s during these times we need to change that pain / pleasure gateway. Ok, so here probably what sounds like a really odd pattern but it works for me. I have this really expensive body cream that smells gorgeous. BUT, I can only use it post shower, AFTER a workout. I love this so much, and it is expensive so my pleasure reward for working out is this, and it makes me feel awesome post workout. This is what I am talking about when it come to pain and pleasure. Yes our pre focus and post notes will help us, but possibly putting one more thing in there that you can’t have unless you workout will make it even more pleasurable. And I don’t mean food!!! There are going to be times we don’t want to workout or don’t feel like eating a salad but if we reverse than pain feeling and give ourselves a pleasurable outcome of doing that task, the odd change and we also change. So, perhaps be wary of this, and if you find this happening perhaps put a behaviour pattern in place like I have done, to give yourself much more pleasure to your workouts.


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