Uplifting Lockdown Life Hacks

We are in our second lockdown here in England and with the days getting colder and darker, we know that exercise and daily movement is more important than ever to better our physical and mental health. That’s why we’ve set up our offering of live stream and on-demand classes, to help keep you inspired to stay active!

We also wanted to share some really simple life hacks to give you a boost when you might need it and to remind you that we’re all in this together. Many of us are looking for ways to avoid stress as we navigate the uncertainty surrounding the way we are currently living our lives. We don’t need to search for groundbreaking methods or undertake major upheaval in our lives. Instead we can use the tools we already have at our fingertips in order to bring a sense of happiness and calm into our everyday routines.


I doubt that any of us are missing early mornings spent in a sweaty train carriage. However, there is something about the daily routine of travelling to and from work which gives our day structure and flow and for many of us now WFH, this is something that’s been taken away. It was also a time for some solo thinking space to prepare for the day ahead, or perhaps switch off whilst listening to a podcast or getting engrossed in a good book. It’s important to still take time to mark the start and finish of the day, which also allows us to switch on and off from the digital world in which we are living. Why not start your day with a walk, as this is a great way to get blood flow to the brain and getting out in the fresh air can help reduce stress and anxiety. Perhaps there is even a local coffee shop you can drop by on your way, so you can support a local business during lockdown and get your morning coffee fix in the process!


Try using some essential oils to set the mood in your home either in a room diffuser or burner. Whilst citrus scents can be a great way to lift your energy, lavender or lemongrass can help you feel calm and relaxed, whilst peppermint or rosemary can be great for focus. As our homes transition from offices into fitness studios and places to relax and unwind, using different scents throughout the day can be a great way to help you switch up a room for different functions!


Blast out your favourite feel good song and just move your body freely as you dance! Not only will it allow you to shake off any stress and tension but it’s also been proven to help boost levels of the feel-good hormone dopamine in the body! So often we are limited to moving in a certain way, so sometimes it can feel great to just shake it off (quite literally!)


Aim to complete a project which you know you will be able to finish in one go. Setting unrealistic goals can leave us feeling more stressed and downhearted than when we started. However, finishing a task, however small, will leave you feeling content and proud of what you’ve accomplished and can help to boost your general ‘can-do’ attitude… and we know that attitude is everything! Why not pick a household task such as reorganising the kitchen cupboards, colour coordinating your wardrobe or rearranging the furniture to reimagine the flow of a room. That way you also get the added bonus of giving your living space a boost, because as you may have noticed, we’re all spending rather a lot of time in our homes right now!


Whilst we all adapt to not only working but also working out from home, why not treat yourself to some new activewear, as when we feel good in what we’re wearing, we feel strong enough to tackle those extra few burpees in class! We’ve rounded up 5 pairs of leggings which we are loving at the moment…

Sweaty Betty animal print leggings (use code SBAMBDR20 to get 20% off all SB items until 19/11/20)

Evamoso leggings (with fabric made from recycled plastics)

Jilla Active super soft leggings (available to buy at the Beattitude club soon!)

Girlfriend Collective leggings (also with fabric made from recycled plastics)

Natal Active maternity leggings (perfect for pre and postnatal women)



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