What is Metabolic Training?

We label a few of our classes at Beattitude as ‘Metabolic Training’ and we’re aware, this might not mean anything to you – but we want it to! Let’s break it down…. 


Metabolic Training (MT) involves performing compound exercises with little rest in between each exercise. The aim is to maximise calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout. 

The workout needs to be intense, and dense. Your heart rate needs to stay up so the reps need to be high! You will sweat, you will likely feel slightly achy the day after your workout but you’ll be better for it – we promise! 

Metabolic Training can be resistance or cardio based. Cardio based is often known as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Resistance-Based MT will involve movements such as pull ups, squats and push ups with very little rest between sets and a working time of between 30 seconds – 1 minute. You will see this format in our ‘B’Strength’ and ‘B’Lift’ classes. Cardio-Based MT consists of short, all-out bursts of movement. We’re talking sprints, jump rope, star jumps and high knees for between 30- 45 seconds on, and more recovery time. 

A simple example of a  CMT workout would be: 30-second sprint on the treadmill at a very high speed and incline followed by 1 minute of walking. Repeat the cycle for 5 rounds. 

As HIIT technically falls under Cardio-Based MT, check what recovery time you are signing yourself up for, so you know how to adapt accordingly. Either way, both types of MT are designed to blast the body and in turn, help to increase your metabolism and the ‘afterburn’ effect is believed to last for up to 48 hours! Naturally, max effort = max calorie burn so the harder you work the better results you are likely to see. 


So give it a go! Figure, Endurance, Strength and HIIT are your classes of choice at Beattitude! 


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