What makes HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) so great?

There are no two ways about it, HIIT classes can be incredibly tough! Sometimes mid-burpee, you might catch yourself thinking WHY am I putting myself through this? We’ve all been there… but we are here to tell you 10 reasons why HIIT is so beneficial and will deliver fantastic results! You can remind yourself of a few of these points the next time your trainer is telling you “just 10 more seconds to go” in order to keep you motivated!


  1. SUPER EFFICIENT: It is one of the most efficient ways to train! All you need is 30-minutes for a super effective workout!
  2. EASILY ADAPTED: HIIT exercises can be easily adapted to different fitness levels so you are able to work to your maximum in class whilst taking things at your own pace.
  3. IT’S FUN: We promise! Expect to twist, jump, reach, turn, snatch, swing, push and pull, using every muscle in your body, so no two classes are the same!
  4. CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE: HIIT is great for a home workout as you can easily do a whole session without needing to use any equipment. Of course, in the studio, we do throw in some props from time to time to mix things up, but you can get a super effective workout without!
  5. BURNS MORE CALORIES: HIIT training uses your anaerobic system meaning that during class you break down glycogen (stored energy sources) in your body without using oxygen to give you a quick energy burst. Therefore, it will help you to burn calories and gain lean muscle mass even hours after you’ve finished your class as your metabolism stays elevated to replace your body’s energy system.
  6. BOOSTS ENERGY: Linked to the point above, because HIIT training relies on glycogen stored in your muscles for energy, regular HIIT workouts enhance your body’s tendency to store glycogen – so you have more energy for when you need it most!
  7. INCREASES VO2 MAX: The amount of oxygen a person can use per kg of body weight is known as your VO2 Max which affects your overall stamina and ability to workout. In a HIIT workout you increase your heart rate and oxygen consumption which helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness and oxygen intake which will improve your recovery time after class!
  8. FIGHTS AGAINST AGEING: It’s true! Recent research has suggested that HIIT workouts can reverse signs of cellular ageing as it improves the body’s production and synthesis of proteins which in turn, can help fight signs of aging.
  9. IMPROVES FITNESS, FAST: HIIT workouts often push you to your physical limit in short bursts which improves your stamina. You will therefore see real improvements to your fitness levels and performance during class in a short space of time!
  10. IMPROVES PRODUCTIVITY: Exercise is vital to combating stress and maintaining mental fitness and it has been suggested that HIIT in particular can help to regulate your mood and
    improve brain function as it enhances blood flow to the brain, so you can be more productive.


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